Honestly, having someone, or in our case, having people  listen to you is paramount. This may seem like a no brainer or an easy thing to do, but it’s not. As your Real Estate team, we listen to what you say and almost just as importantly, what you don’t say. This is the most vital service your Real Estate agent can provide so you are not going through 50 or more homes that aren’t the right fit. We are proud to say that our clients often find their perfect home within 5 viewings. That’s right! We listen to learn and we’re very good at this important skill!


We provide a variety of resources for our home buyers that help them through the entire process of purchasing their new home. It doesn’t matter if this is your first home or your fifteenth home or investment property, we provide useful checklists, process documentation and a qualified list of professional connections within the community to assist you in building your team. Buying Real Estate should never be a solo process. It requires strategy, skills, knowledge and a team working for you to ensure you’re getting what you want with no surprises. From starting the process to getting your keys to your new home, all of the time and resources we provide for you is absolutely FREE! Give us a shout and we’ll show you exactly what we mean!

Personal Websites

If you’re like 98% of all home buyers, you’re looking online first for your new home. That can be a daunting process as there are so many places and locations where homes are listed for sale. We will provide you with your own website portal designed specifically for you with homes that match what you’re looking for. This interactive website allows you to communicate directly with us at all times through this site, save your favourite homes, reject the homes you are just not interested in looking at so much more! It truly is your own personal Real Estate dream toolbox! Connect with us and we’ll set you up on one right away!

Access To  Homes

Funny thing about Real Estate. It sells and often it sells quickly! Sometimes, if you’re working with a Real Estate Agent you may not be able to get into a home right away as that Agent is busy and then you risk losing that home to another buyer. With our team, you have access to two full-time agents working for you, vastly improving your chances of getting into that home quickly and if it works for you, secure it before someone else makes your dream home their new home!