Marketing Your Property

Thinking About Selling in the Spring? You Should Be Renovating Now. Here’s Why

The cooler months of winter might seem like the perfect time to hibernate into the house, but it's actually a great time to consider ramping up your home for improvements. If you're thinking of selling come the spring, here's why winter is the perfect time to get started on home renovations. Flexible Scheduling And Availability Many people are not interested in renovating their home during the winter...

4 Terrible Mistakes Made by First-time Home Sellers

It's more complicated of a process than people realize and there are 4 major mistakes that seller's make that cost them valuable dollars. "PRICING YOUR HOME TOO HIGH." It’s entirely likely that there’s an amount you have in mind when it comes to selling your home, but it’s important that your asking price is in line with the market conditions and what’s being offered. Instead of winging it,...

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